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If You’re a Manager of a Manufacturing Company, DON’T Hire Another Employee Until You Read This Important Message…

If you’re still hiring staff the “old way”… writing the ad, listing the job online, reviewing resumes, contacting candidates and countless other tasks, it’s costing your company more than you think…

Do You Go Through ALL These Tasks With Each New Hire…?

  • Write the Job Ad (Which often ends up sounding like a formal Position Description)
  • List Job on Seek.com.au (And probably pay too much?)
  • Read through every applicant resume and cover letter (Often late at night from home)
  • Select top candidates (Based SOLELY on their resume & cover letter)
  • Contact top candidates (Playing telephone tag back & forth, so usually out of work hours)
  • First Interview (Do you know the RIGHT questions to ask to find out the real person behind the resume?)
  • Second Interview (Do you know the best questions to ask at a 2nd interview before you risk hiring the wrong person?)
  • Call top 2-3 referees (Or do you decide not to contact referees… as NO ONE gives referees that will say something negative!)
  • Select Top Candidate (Hoping they haven’t accepted another job by now!)


As you’ve no doubt found, this could take 10-30 hours or more of your valuable time.

Did you know on average it costs employers approximately $5,000 to hire a new employee in the manufacturing industry? (Source:  Recruiter Box)

And what if you get it wrong and hire a ‘bad apple’?  You call the second choice candidate back a few weeks later and they’ve already been hired by another company… Then you have to do it all over again… aarrgghh!

If that’s the “old way”, what’s the new way?


Meet Kim Acworth, the “Rally Racing Recruiter”…

With more than 15 years end to end recruitment experience having worked as an internal corporate recruiter as well as an agency recruiter, I made the decision in 2013 to create a model for outsourcing recruitment that would be cost effective for manufacturers.

Why should only the big corporates get professional recruitment support?!

I’m DEFINITELY NOT your typical Recruiter….there is no BS in how I operate…..you get honest transparent support…..no nasty surprises….and no ridiculous bill at the end.

I know how important it is to have the right staff in your business and I work with you to find staff you can keep.

TRUST and Integrity are at the core of EVERYTHING I do! In Rally Racing my navigator trusts me to get the car through the stages….and I trust my navigator to give me the correct calls when I need them.

The NEW Way To Hiring “Keepers”

Here’s how manufacturing companies are working smarter hiring new staff…

  1. Outsource Hiring to a Top Recruiter
  2. Review Top Candidates (See DETAILED Profiles for only the Top Candidates)
  3. Interview Top 3 Candidates
  4. Hire a “Keeper”

Total time YOU spend – approximately 2-4 hours!

We’ll also save you even more time and money by having each candidate send you a ‘pitch’ video so you can get a “feel” for them before you take valuable time out of your schedule with an in-person interview.

Imagine qualified candidates lining up to work for you, without you barely lifting a finger, how good would that be?

With all this time and money you’ll save, can you afford not to outsource your hiring?

Why Throw Out DIY Recruitment?

Michael Casablanca, Managing Director of Woodland Shopfitting shares his experience about DIY recruitment before meeting Kim Acworth…

How Were You Recruiting In The Past?

Michael Casablanca, Managing Director of Woodland Shopfitting shares his experience about DIY recruitment before meeting Kim Acworth…

But Aren’t Recruiters Expensive?

Well, yes, “traditional recruiters” are expensive. They charge on average around 15% of the new employee’s salary package, which is around $8,000 +GST for someone being paid $50K p/a!

This is why they’re hired mostly by medium to large corporate enterprises.

But what about small to medium sized manufacturers?

Are you stuck with “DIY” recruitment? Squeezing hiring in between your already busy schedule?

There must be a better way!

What If you could have a professional recruiter…

  • Write your job ad for you
  • List it online
  • Filter applicant resumes
  • Select on the top candidates
  • Pre-screen these candidates
  • Have the candidates create a video ‘pitch’ as to why they’re the best candidate for the job
  • Email you only to top candidates complete with their video interview
  • Arrange interviews for you where you know that you’re only seeing the top 2-3 candidates

All while you’re focused on your own work!

Imagine the time, hassle and frustration you’ll avoid by outsourcing your hiring?

I’m so confident you’ll love my service that I’m willing to put money on the table to prove it!

Because once you’ve worked with me, you’ll wonder why you ever did DIY hiring in the first place!

The time, money, hassle and frustration simply isn’t worth it for most managers.

Now, if you’re anything like my existing clients, you’ve probably got one or more of these questions on your mind…

Q. “What if the employee isn’t suitable or just ‘doesn’t work out’?”

Let’s work it out. Once we work out why the employee didn’t work out, we can come to an agreement around the best course of action to find someone more suitable next time.

Q. “How much does it typically cost to hire an employee for me?”

A typical hire is between $1500 – $2000, all inclusive.

Q. “We’re not hiring now, but can I use your services when we’re ready?”

Yes, absolutely!  Simply submit your details in the form below, I’ll be in touch to say a quick hello, and you can let me know when you’re ready to hire 🙂

Here’s what several clients have to say about working with Kim…

“Kim was exceedingly good. She responded promptly to requests and help me find candidates which were the right skills and right fit.”
Brian Stephens, Maleny Dairies

“Kim did a great job and helped us with our search for a new employee. I will continue to use Kim for all my recruitment requirements and also pass her details onto anyone that I know that is looking for similar help.”
Michael Casablanca, Woodland Shopfitting

“Having never required a recruitment agent previously, I was so surprised at how easy and time effective the process was for me. Kim took note of our requirements and even though I know my business better, her basic research on what we are and do was sufficient and effective for a quick turn around and great suite of candidates.”
Janine Horrocks, FirePro(Qld)

“Kim was very helpful throughout the whole process.
Initial communications were excellent and it was obvious Kim had a good understanding of the roles requirements.
The video link was helpful
Applications produced a short list of four for interview
Final two were selected with one being engaged.
No stress, a big time saver and well worth the final fee.
I will definitely call Kim when we need to recruit in the future.”
David Steven, Express Pallets & Crates Brisbane Pty Ltd

“Kim was very efficient and helpful. We filled our position in only 2 weeks and with the minimum of fuss, only interviewing 1 candidate. A great outcome!”
Scott McDonald, Sheehy & Partners

“Engaging Kim has been an absolute pleasure. Kim’s commitment to understanding the dynamics of the role required and importance for hiring the right team ensures that the applicants are the “right fit” and the “best person” for the job. Kim has an uncanny ability to find people who are fun, friendly and caring.”
Cameron Fuller, Rick’s Doors

“Kim was wonderful to work with on this project. Nothing was to much trouble for her and every question, query or task I had she performed quickly and efficiently. Very happy with the outcome.”
Brent Ralph, Stitch and Co Footwear

“Great service thank you Kim, we will use you again”
Mark Salta – Director Sales, PETRO Industrial

“Great work with this placement Kim. Good, consistent service and a result at a fraction of the traditional recruitment agents fees.”
Mark Edwards, Jensen Bowers Group

Where to from here…?

Simply add your details to the form below today, and I’ll send you a $500 Voucher towards your next hire… or even if you’d just like a casual chat for the time being or have a few more questions on your mind…

I’m here to work WITH you for the long term to help make your life easier, and put top employees inside YOUR company, instead of your competitor’s.

I look forward to speaking with you…


Kim Acworth
“The Rally Racing Recruiter”


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