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Attracting high QUALITY CANDIDATES that SUIT the manufacturing and wholesale/ supply role you are trying to fill, starts with the ROLE TITLE!!! Job seekers enter specific keywords in the search bar on SEEK and other job search platforms, and will automatically be attracted to roles that resonate with the job they’re looking for.


An all too common mistake that I see – manufacturing and wholesale/ supply business Employers think they need to use the same ‘Role Title’ in the advertisement as the ‘Official’ Role Title used within the business. YOU DON’T!!! The purpose of a Job Advertisement on SEEK, LinkedIn or specific manufacturing and wholesale/ supply advertisement sources – is to ATTRACT the RIGHT Candidates and to MOTIVATE them to APPLY for the role you are trying to fill. It is not meant to be a summarised version of the formal Position Description.  


Advertising a manufacturing and wholesale/ supply role with the WRONG Role Title will have a negative effect on the quality of candidates applying…. i.e. they are LESS LIKELY to have the appropriate level of experience and skills that you need, and it REDUCES your ability to employ the RIGHT person for the role.

“For example, calling someone – Administration Manager when staff don’t report the employee in that role is definitely exaggerating the level of the role. ‘Management’ roles are attributed to a high level of authority and responsibility. Hence, it attracts experienced people looking for a higher salary. Based on the job tasks and level of responsibility, a more appropriate Role Title might be – Office Administrator.”


Remember – “A Good Job Title is NOT about stroking an employee’s ego!!! It’s about finding the right person to fill your manufacturing and wholesale/ supply role.” In my blog – “Outlining the Role – Getting the Position Description RightI highlighted that a ‘good’ Job Title should:

  • Accurately reflect the nature of the job and the duties required to be performed
  • Reflect the rank order with the other roles in your business
  • Not exaggerate the importance of the role
  • Reflect the jobs in the manufacturing and wholesale/ supply industry with similar pay and responsibilities
  • Be self-explanatory for attraction and recruitment purposes


So PLEASE manufacturing and wholesale/ supply business employers – take the time to get this right!


If you are afraid of advertising a role with a Role Title that is different from the existing staff because it might cause issues…. then it is likely that you have HR issues that need to be addressed SOONER RATHER THAN LATER!!!


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