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As mentioned in our previous article, an interview is an opportunity for hiring managers to meet with the potential new employee and to make determinations on their suitability for the role – and vice versa.

To make these determinations, information needs to be gathered and exchanged between both the interviewing manager and the potential new employee – and this needs to be repeated at each interview. If effective shortlisting occurs prior to interview, then fewer interviews will be required and the recruitment process is streamlined.

To ensure that decision makers are able to make an informed choice on their potential new employee, it is important to have an interview process in place.

An effective interview process will ensure that decision makers:

  1. Are gathering and exchanging information that is relevant and pertinent to the role they want to fill.
  2. Have sufficient details at the end of the interview to assess the potential employee/s’ specific capabilities and fit for the role.
  3. Are able to review particular details for each candidate again once all interviews have been completed – which may help when making a final decision between two candidates who tick different boxes.

To ensure that hiring managers are carrying out effective interviews, they should use a tailored interview guide. Having a process and interview guide does NOT mean that the interview has to be rigid and impersonal, but it is important for both parties to leave the interview with a realistic impression of each other, the work environment, and the role.

Taking the time to carefully consider what specific skills, capabilities, experience and approaches are needed from the new employee – as well as forming questions targeting those key criteria – will ensure that decision makers have the best opportunity to identify a genuinely great new employee who can successfully carry out the requirements of the role and fit in with the work culture & team.

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