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Pre-recorded video interviewing involves candidates answering pre-set questions while recording themselves doing so. The recruiter or hiring manager will set up the role and questions on their Platform and invite candidates to complete the Pre-recorded video in their own time. The applicant receives a link which will allow them to complete the recording via PC, laptop or mobile device with automated online software.

There are many benefits to pre-recorded video interviewing in recruitment. They allow those involved in hiring decisions to assess personality and cultural fit, along with candidates’ communication styles. They increase flexibility for both candidates and employers – allowing candidates to record their responses in their own time, and allowing hiring managers to review and share those responses as needed.

Video Interviewing in recruitment helps to streamline shortlisting decisions as those involved are basing their decisions on more than just a CV. Pre-recorded video interviews can lead to increased candidate engagement – with fewer no-shows at face-to-face interviews. Due to the pre-set nature of the questions, pre-recorded video interviews also reduce unconscious bias, and the ease of use and adaptability of question content ensures that hiring managers are able to vary the questions dependant on the role.

Even with all these benefits, there are naturally some areas that pre-recorded video interviews are limited. As with all technology, there can be occasional hiccups which can be managed, and candidates are generally nervous and awkward when completing them. These elements should both be taken into account when reviewing responses. When comparing pre-recorded video interviews specifically with live video interviews, the one-sided nature means that there is no ability for either party to ask follow-up questions. Finally, there is an initial outlay of cost and time to set up the pre-recorded video interview technology, which should be taken into consideration.

Over the years, Manufacturing Recruitment have tested and utilised several methods and styles of pre-recorded video interview. We feel that how we utilise the VidCruiter Platform provides exceptional flexibility and simplicity for both our candidates and our clients. We are able to adapt the style of pre-recorded videos – including when we progress candidates and how we send reminders. In addition, we can customise the question content, number of questions, number of attempts and how long they have to consider their response before recording begins.

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Manufacturing Recruitment utilises an integrated online candidate platform that also incorporates Automated Video Interviews – Saving you from sitting through hours of Recruitment Video Interview provider demonstrations, painful implementation and setup, and hefty monthly subscription fees.

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