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If you’ve been following our recent articles about the recruitment process, you’ll know that we have explored effective shortlisting and interviewing. This article will explore the next step in the recruitment process – reference checking.

Reference checks involve contacting a candidate’s previous employers, supervisors, or other listed contacts to learn more about their employment history and gain further insight into how the candidate ACTUALLY performs in a working environment.

Here are our top 3 tips for Reference Checking:

  1. Ask for RELEVANT Referees from the candidate – Don’t just go off their resume!!! As mentioned in our previous article, Manufacturing Recruitment recommend asking the candidate to provide you with the contact details (Name, Position, Company, Phone, Email) for three Managers/ Supervisors from their most recent positions. With the candidate providing their referee contact details, you are likely to have valid & useful referees – and you have permission to contact them (which is important under the Privacy Act). If the candidate cannot (or will not) provide their Manager’s details, then push for a valid reason and pass the responsibility back on to them to chase up their new contact details or to provide an alternate Manager.
  2. Put together a templated Reference Check Document and record the information. Not only does this provide a structured list of questions or areas of interest, it can also ensure you have detailed written records if you ever have any potential issues with unsuccessful candidates or the Fair Work Ombudsmen.
  3. As with Interviews – Make sure you DO NOT ask discriminatory questions. The focus of your questions should be framed around the candidate’s reliability, punctuality and work ethic, etc. but should not include asking about their family commitments or extra-curricular activities.

Employing the wrong person in a role is a very costly exercise – and potentially damaging to the business. Whilst conducting Reference Checking is not fool proof, it has the potential to value-add and can help to clarify particular skills, traits & attributes that apply to the workplace and the role – and can help hiring managers feel confident in their recruitment decisions.

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