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We recently worked with a client who needed team members and fast!  They were concerned about the current social distancing rules and how they could recruit in this market. We talked about video interviewing for recruitment. At first, this client was resistant but, as we shared, Manufacturing Recruitment have successfully been using Video Interview technology as part of our recruitment process for over 6 years. In that time have come across a number of misconceptions from both candidates and employers.  By sharing these with our client they were in a position to make an informed decision, here is what we shared:

Myth 1: Candidates don’t like them

Fact: Yes, the thought of a video interview can be daunting – especially if a candidate has not taken part in one before. However, ALL interviews are daunting and this doesn’t stop candidates from attending them. Manufacturing Recruitment have been using Video Interview for many years, and find that our candidates are generally happy to be able to represent themselves rather than rely on us as the recruiter to provide a faceless report. It’s been found that 97% of candidates surveyed would be “happy to complete another video interview in the future”.

Myth 2: Video interviews are impersonal

Fact: LiveVideo Interviewing are actually very similar to in-person interviews in the sense that everyone involved is able to connect “face to face”. Pre-recorded Video has the potential to feel a little impersonal in comparison, but allows the candidate to become more ‘real’ than a traditional telephone interview

Myth 3: It fosters discrimination

Fact: The structured and pre-set nature of pre-recorded video actually REDUCES unconscious bias and discrimination. With every candidate answering the same questions with the same time limits, there are no subconscious changes in questions or allowances made. While you will need to ensure you questions follow relevant anti-discrimination laws and policies, the use of video for talent acquisition is not discriminative by nature. We have actually found that it allows immigrants and new-to-Australia citizens to demonstrate their communication skills, which quickly removes any concerns our clients may have had.

Myth 4: It’s only useful when hiring non-locals

Fact: While video interviewing can be useful to engage international or interstate candidates, that doesn’t mean that it’s only focused on that. Manufacturing Recruitment has clients across many industries hiring for a variety of roles. There have been no restrictions with which roles or industries we have successfully implemented Video Interviewing for. It’s also useful for national organisations with interstate offices who want to involve Head Office in one state with the managers and candidates in another state.

Myth 5: We’ll just use Skype or Zoom if we need it, it’s basically the same

Fact: We know that Skype and Zoom are useful, but Recruitment Video Interviewing is designed for interviewing rather than holding a meeting – which ensures there are a number of useful features that focus on recruitment, including the pre-recorded video interview option. Video interview platforms are built with collaboration in mind, which assists in streamlining hiring decisions 

Myth 6: It costs too much

Fact: Video Interviewing providers offer subscriptions which are scalable to your needs and budgets. While there are some platforms which are aimed at larger organisations with larger budgets, you will still be able to find out what options there are for your budget.

Myth 7: Video interviews are more trouble than they’re worth.

Fact: They’re easier than you think. Video interviews are an investment that can actually save companies (and candidates) time and money on travel associated with in-person interviews. As they are cloud based, they take little effort to set up, and candidates generally already have everything they need to take part in a video interview (a computer/ smartphone/ tablet and an Internet connection).

Why Not Outsource YOUR recruitment and save the Headache, Time and Money?

Kim Acworth is a recruitment expert and director at Manufacturing Recruitment. Manufacturing Recruitment utilises an integrated online candidate platform that also incorporates Automated Video Interviews – Saving you from sitting through hours of Recruitment Video Interview provider demonstrations, painful implementation and setup, and hefty monthly subscription fees.

Manufacturing Recruitment is a genuine outsource recruitment option with a cost-effective hourly charge model. You can outsource as much or as little as you want. No job is too big or too small – $50 to $5,000.

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